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Partnering with our clients

We’re often told by clients that bringing us on a partner is a very different experience compared to working with other recruiters. Our belief is that the extra work upfront to deeply understand all aspects of your company, the role your looking to fill, and the types of people that fit best in your organization are critical to our ability to quickly source the sales talent you’re looking for.

Once armed with this in-depth knowledge, we’ll execute a search on multiple fronts such as:

FirstLight Talent Database

a proprietary collection of high-performing sales stars from a variety of industries. We are constantly in dialogue with A-players across the country to have a ready “bench” of talent to leverage right away on your behalf.

Advanced Web Search Methodology

our sourcing resources are experts in Boolean and Iterative Search techniques allowing us to zero in on candidates quickly and build a pipeline.

Video Marketing

creating fun and engaging videos to market your opportunities to sales stars is a unique way we often connect with candidates who are often missed by other recruiters who rely only on traditional methods.

As our search generates potential candidates, we are not just flipping you resumes that you’ll have to review and then start interviewing from scratch. Our senior partners take that work off your plate and engage with all candidates to make sure that each one is hirable before they ever hit your desk. And when they do hit your desk, you can expect a full candidate profile, our findings about them based on our first level interviews, and a summary of why we think they are a good fit.  You can also expect the candidates to be prepared for the interview and have a clear understanding of the role and requirements.


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