a few words about us

Who we are


We are a highly specialized recruiting and advisory firm focused exclusively on placing sales talent into roles and industries that we’re intimately familiar with.

We primarily work with high-growth SMB and VC/PE funded companies to attract talented sales professionals and leaders to their organizations enabling them to hit their revenue growth targets quickly and efficiently.

Industries of Focus: SaaS, Healthcare, Benefits Administration, Financial Services, Insurance, Human Capital Management, Retirement, PEO, and Payroll.



Meet our Founder

I’m a family guy – wife, 2 daughters in middle school, a son in the military, and a dog named Sheba. After serving 7 years in active military duty, I transitioned into civilian life as a sales professional, and I’ve been one ever since.

While continuing my military commitment as an active reservist, I focused the last 25 years of my career to successfully building and leading sales organizations both domestically and abroad. The most recent sales organization that I built and led was Liazon, a Bain/Bessemer/Fidelity backed health-tech startup that sold at a 20X multiple for $215M within 3 years.

My passionate belief is that, “you are only as good as the team around you.” That principle has been the cornerstone of all the success I’ve experienced in both my civilian and military life. I am committed to sharing and applying the culmination of 25 years of successfully hiring, building and leading high-performance people and sales teams. It is my hope that this commitment will benefit and serve both candidates and hiring managers alike in the achievement of their goals.

For a more detailed career history please see my LinkedIn profile.

Email: ari@firstlightrecruiting.com